Educational Visits


New Educational / Function Room

Ulnaby hosts visits from school children ages pre school to 15+.

Each visit is tailored to the age of the children and covers the day to day activities on a working farm.

We discuss the crops grown on the farm and how these relate to everyday life, IE the food chain.

We also talk about the countryside and the farmers role on creating and maintaining a safe habitat for the wildlife.

If required tractor and trailer rides are available, the children riding in an enclosed trailer which enables them to be in very close proximity to the farm animals.

The old granary has recently been converted into a class room / function room and we are confident that this facility will improve visits even further, the room is also available for private bookings i.e. children's birthday parties etc where a tractor/trailer ride can be arranged if required.

To Book Tel on Mondays between 1.30p.m. to 3.30p.m. to discuss your requirements 01325 374358 or mob 07906709034

Time Team Visit 2008

This is Ulnaby Hall Farm in County Durham, and we've been invited here to explore the village that surrounds it, or, rather mysteriously, doesn't! Because at some point in time, Ulnaby village was deserted and almost completely vanished. Almost, because this field contains the remains of the village. In fact, it's an absolute maze of mounds. Look at this photo, you can see homes, gardens, streets. Absolutely acres of archaeology to dig. So will this field give us a window into the world of the medieval peasant, the life that you or I would have lived in the middle ages? Well, that's our challenge. To tell the story, not just of one house, or a chapel or the manor, but of the whole village.

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