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Our pork

Our pork is from rare breed pigs ie Tamworths / Middle whites / Saddlebacks, Taste the difference! “The Crackling is wonderful”.

Try our many varieties of sausages. Pork burgers etc.

Our Lamb

We have Texel / Jacob cross sheep for a more mature flavour.

Try our fantastic burgers, sausages, minted lamb chops etc.

Our beef

We are very proud of our prime grass fed Belted Galloway cattle.. The meat is Hung for 3 weeks. This traditional breed is a slow maturing animal so many have longer lives than “grain / barn fed cattle”.. Ours have freedom to roam on the deserted medieval Village pastures which as Scheduled monument has no fertilizer or pesticides on it. Try our prime “Beltie” burgers, prime rib / Sirloin joints etc sometimes available Highland & Shorthorn beef.